Blacksmith History & Education

The blacksmith shop was built by Perley Monroe in bout 1900. Records show that the blacksmith shop building ws constructed in 1906 and that Perley worked there. Before the blacksmith shop was built, the building on this site was identified s Livery Stable that eventually burned down prior to 1900.

It is the representative of the many blacksmith shops in Coloma during and after the gold rush period.  An essential member of the community, the blacksmith repaired and manufactured almost everything made of melt, including small hardware, wagons, and tools for both miners and framers.

A blacksmith works with iron while it is hot and malleable.  In his prime, the blacksmith was master of all things mechnicl, and was called on to make and repair the tools used to produce food, the equipment for mining, nd the sws nd xes for cutting nd milling lumber.  He designed and made the melt hardware that held buildings together.

In the 1960’s, the blacksmith shop reopened on limited bsis.  The Butterfield Brothers were the first to regularly use the shop.  They received State Park $1.00 per year lease for use of the building s  blacksmith shop in 1973. They kept it open for several years. Charles Butterfield lives in the are and stops in to visit  the shop now and gin. Please note, none of the current tools or equipment in the shop can be linked to Perley or the original shop.


All blacksmiths are volunteers, no one gets paid or sells anything in the shop.
Our budgeted funding for coal and steel comes entirely from the sales of blacksmith made items in the Park Mercantile.
You can help support the Blacksmith exhibit by purchasing one of the 25 items that are available for purchase in the Mercantile.  
Regular hours are 10 till 2pm or longer.

Blacksmith Training Program

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