We will take your class on a tour around our park stopping at six of the most important places. We start at the Indian Grinding Rock and talk about the Native Americans that were here before the gold rush. Then, we head to the Sawmill Replica and describe how it worked. Next is the original Sawmill Site to see the stone monument that now stands where the sawmill once stood. We then move on to the Discovery Site where James Marshall found those first pieces of gold. From here, we visit the Chinese stores and our Mining Methods area to talk about the different people that came and the methods used during the gold rush.

$60.00 per group up to 30 children




GoldPanning 500x400GOLD PANNING

With our Gold Panning program children will learn how to gold pan. They will receive a lesson and be able to keep whatever they find in a vial that they can take home. With the use of our pans and a helping hand from park staff and volunteers, children will be able to find real gold, “fool’s gold”, and garnets. They will learn that the life of a miner was not easy, but that the thrill of “gold fever” was what kept them going.

$6.00 per person for groups






Children will learn how to make their very own Miner’s “Poke”. They will learn who taught the miners to make these bags to hold their gold and how the miners used their gold to pay for necessities. They will learn how gold was used as payment and how that is different than today. We will provide the pieces to make the “poke” and beads for the children to decorate them.

$6.00 per person for groups





wagon 199x300WAGONS HO

Get ready to head out west! As a group we will step back in time and learn what the pioneers needed to pack in their wagons to move out west. We will de-scribe different tools needed to farm and build a house along with household items and cookware. Each child will participate and help pack the wagon and learn the different roles family members had during the journey. They will also learn about the hardships the pioneers faced during the trip.

$150.00 per group up to 30 children.

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